Jesuit Secretariat for Dialogue (JSD)

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In 1994 the Jesuit Conference of South Asia (JCSA) decided to merge two previously existing secretariats, the Secretariat for the Service of Faith and Religion in India (SEFRI) and the Secretariat for Jesuits Among Muslims in India (JAMI) into the new Secretariat for Dialogue (JSD). This Secretariat aims at fostering Interreligious dialogue at various levels. Following the demands of GC 34, this Secretariat attempts to make interreligious dialogue an essential dimension of our One Mission. Translating this on the practical level for most Jesuits, it means that the Secretariat strives to help them, precisely as religiously committed persons, to understand the significance and the need for entering into dialogue with anyone of good will, especially in the context of religious conflicts, and encourage them to work together toward trust and co-operation, peace and harmony of life.


In its practicality, the Secretariat has been urging and helping in establishing Core Group or Commission of Jesuits interested and involved in IRD (Interreligious Dialogue) in all Provinces/Regions in the South Asian Jesuit Assistancy. Many of the Provinces (e.g. Bombay, Goa, Gujarat, Ranchi, Patna, Dumka-Raiganj, 

Madurai, Kerala, Sri Lanka) have formed Core Teams for this ministry and certain Provinces (e.g. Madurai, Dumka-Raiganj) have formulated Vision Statements on this Ministry of IRD.

Secretariat for Dialogue (JSD)
Fr. Vincent Sekhar SJ (MDU),
Secretary for Dialogue (JSD)
Loyola College, Chennai – 600 034
Tel: +91-9443536530
E-mail id:

Province/Region Coordinators for Dialogue 


AND  Kulandai Raj <>  
BOM  Noel Sheth  <>  
CCU  Timir Singha <>  
DAR  Shajumon Chakkalakkal <>  
DEL  Victor Edwin  <>  
DUM  Deepak Tirkey <>  
GOA  Menino Gosalves  <>  
GUJ  Richard Lopes <>  
HAZ  P.J. James  <>  
JAM  S Antony Raj  <>  
KAR  Victor Lobo  <>  
KER  Francis Xavier Tharamel  <>  
KHM  ------------------  -------------------------------  
MAP  Amrit Kujur <>  
MDU   Devadhas Muthiah  <>  
NEP  Kizhakekala Paul C  <>  
PAK  Juan Carlos Pallardel   <>  
PAT  Jose Kalapura   <>  
PUN  Anil Chakranarayan  <>  
RAN  Sudhir Kumar Kujur  < >  
SRI  Aloy Peris <>                   
SRI  John Joseph Mary <>