Indigenous Ministry (JEMAI)

  • Secretariat for Tribal/Indigenous Apostolate (JEMAI)

          (Jesuit Ministry among the Adivasi/Tribal/Indigenous Peoples)


In order to promote the ministry among the Adivasi/Tribal/Indigenous Peoples, JEMAI is the Assistancy-level Secretariat constituted in 2003. Its main objective is to work for the preservation and promotion of Adivasi/Tribal/Indigenous Peoples’ cultures and identities through research, studies, seminars, workshops and publications as well as through the active participation in their struggles for socio-economic and political empowerment.

Fr. Ranjeet Kindo (JAM)
Coordinator, JEMAI
Kolhan Community College
Bara Guira, PB 10
Chaibasa, West Singbhum - 833 201
Tel: (06582) 290177; Mob: 9006077002


Province/Region Coordinators for JEMAI


AND  Madimi Anthony Prasad  
BOM Ainsley D’Mello  
CCU John Kerketta  
DAR  Alvin Minj  
DEL  --   -- ---
DUM Emmaunel Besra  
GOA --- --- ---
GUJ Ishwan Gamit  
HAZ  Shyam Kishor Tudu  
JAM Ranjit Kindo  
KAR Luis Arun  
KER Baby Chalil  
KHM Wilfred Kharpuri  
MAP Agapit Tirkey  
MDU Elias Maria  
NEP --- ---  
PAT   ---  
PUN --- ---  
RAN Sushil Tirkey    Mob 9973861670  
ASSAM George Soreng