Ignatian Spirituality (JIGSA)

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Secretariat for Ignatian Spirituality of South Asian Assistancy (JIGSA)



Secretariat (JIGSA=Jesuits working in Ignatian Spirituality in South Asia) was established in May 2009. The setting up of a distinct and separate Secretariat was dedicated to foster and promote the treasures of Ignatian Spirituality and Charism; to enthuse and bring together all those who are involved in sharing the legacy of Ignatian Spirituality with the religious and laity; to give an impetus to research, and to disseminate fruits of study and reflection through periodical seminars and publications. It offers a structure to Provincials and formators to facilitate the ongoing formation of the Scholastics and formed in the Ignatian Spirituality in the Assistancy.







Fr. Joseph A. D’Mello (KAR) E-mail: <jossiedm@gmail.com>
Secretary JIGSA Mob: 9880022893
Mount St Joseph, Prerana
IIMB PO, PB# 7645
Bangalore - 560 076

I. Name

      1: The name of the Secretariat shall be “Jesuits in Ignatian Spirituality - South Asian Assistancy”.

II. Aims and Objectives of the Secretariat

      2: The aims of the Secretariat shall be:

     In General:

  • Being men of the Exercises, to promote Ignatian Spirituality (IS) in the Assistancy; to strive especially to make it come alive in our lives through research and writing, and to foster among Jesuits, Religious and Lay People alike an Ignatian pedagogy so as to produce men and women for others.
  • Through its provinces and members, to make its own contribution towards the dissemination of our rich Ignatian heritage – the Sp. Ex., spiritual accompaniment and personal and common apostolic discernment - to the Church in South Asia and to make the Ignatian treasures grow in local cultures and way of life.

     In particular:

  • Assist the Jesuit Conference of South Asia and individual Provinces/Regions to organize the sector of IS with clarity, relevance and vision
  • Encourage and promote IS, particularly with reference to Asian Religious traditions, and provide a forum for reflection on key IS issues at the zonal and Assistancy level
  • Engage in research in and interaction with Indian realities- Social, cultural and religious and coordinate their activities wherever necessary, and support initiatives/research at Zonal and Assistancy levels
  • Collect and circulate useful and meaningful information on resource persons, publish journals, books, pamphlets and other literature, arrange for meetings, seminars, conferences, consultations etc., and assist Jesuit Spirituality Centres with information and guidance in IS matters
  • Foster collaboration among Jesuits engaged in IS and among IS Centres and collaboration in mission with Religious of Ignatian Charism and Lay People who are involved in our apostolates
  • Foster and coordinate the work of IS among Jesuits engaged in educational institutions, parishes, social centres, youth animators, hostel directors, study centres, and others engaged in similar activities
  • Cooperate with all other Jesuit Secretariats, Jesuits and others, Christians and non-Christians, engaged in Spirituality or connected with it, and to assist them to the extent possible

Province/Region Coordinators of JIGSA


AND Packiaraj   <sjpackiasj@gmail.com>
BOM             James Mascarenhas  <james.mascarenhas@gmail.com>
CCU              Julian S. Das                           <juliansdas@gmail.com>
DAR   John Kennedy                 <sjkennedysj@gmail.com >
DEL Soosai Mani                                                 <soosaimp@gmail.com>
DUM K.C.Stephen                                   <kcstephensj@yahoo.com>
GOA Savio Rodrigues                                           <aviso_41@rediffmail.com>
GUJ Sekhar                                                     <shekharm@jesuits.net>
HAZ R.C. Chacko                                              <rcchacko@rediffmail.com>
JAM R.Tony                                                      <rtonysj@gmail.com>
KAR Joseph D’Mello                                         <jossiedm@jesuits.net>
KER Tom Panikulam                                            <tompanisj@gmail.com>
KHM Julian Fernandes                            <julian38@gmail.com>
MAP Henry Lakra                                           <lakrahenry@gmail.com>
MDU Devadhas Muthiah         <devadhasm@gmail.com>
NEP  Paul KC                           <paulkcsj@hotmail.com>
PAT  Donald Miranda                <donmir@gmail.com>
PUN  Tony Sequeira                 <sequeira.tony@gmail.com>
RAN  Ranjit W. Lakra                <ranlakra@gmail.com>
SRI Mariyathas Thambiaiah     <mariyasj@gmail.com>