Melbourne Preentation by SA Jesuits-2015

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The Present Collaboration within South Asia:

Jesuits in Higher Education in South Asia (JHESA) is a structure we have in SA that coordinates efforts in sharing resources and build networks between institutions of higher education. It periodically meets to share the best practices and plans activities linking institutions for collaborative training, exposure and research.

Beyond this established structure of collaboration, we have the following efforts:

1. we have intercollegiate collaboration between students of colleges by which students of a college spend a week or more of exposure to gain intercultural experience and gather some understanding different pedagogies followed in other colleges. This also increases a sense of belonging to Jesuit Colleges' tradition.

2. Faculty of a college collaborate with faculty of another college by having collaborative research and joint conferences and seminars.

3. Young Jesuits pursue their higher studies in colleges of other provinces. Both in the Southern India and in the North the colleges provide the facilities for their studies resulting in obtaining of certificates and degrees. 

4. XLRI and LIBA for the past so many years conduct week long training programme on leadership and skills for the young Jesuits.

5. The Provinces in India share their competent personnel with provinces that need their services. 

6. We have been having JESCALL programme by which we train lay faculty in Jesuit heritage and tradition.

7. We share special expertise between provinces, for example, legal expertise of Jesuits in Madurai province is shared with other provinces.

8. Beyond our colleges,our students and faculty have exposure to colleges and institutes abroad. 

9. Icam group in France and Loyola College, Chennai have collaborated with each others to found an engineering college by which there is a networking with French Jesuits.


Proposed Areas of Collaboration:

1. We propose to start an Academic Staff College in which we would like to train our faculty for skill development and in Ignatian tradition.

2. As XLRI sets up new campuses in Andhra and in Delhi we need human resources to provide leadership in these campuses.

3. Xavier University needs competent Jesuits to work in three centres that have been started recently: Xavier School of Sustainability, Digital University Network,  Centre for Ignatian Spirituality

4. We propose to strengthen the sharing of personnel between provinces.

5. We want all our B.Ed colleges to run a full fledged course on Ignatian Pedagogical Programme (IPP).

6. Modelling after ICAM-Loyola project, we want to collaborate with Icam to train faculty in new pedagogy.

7. We propose to have collaboration between departments that are strong research and teaching in a college and similar departments in another college in another province.

8. We need more scholars to use the Scholar in Residence programme that XLRI has and which has been minimally used.

9. We want our colleges to educate at least 5 JRS students.

10. We propose that all our colleges start running a course on Ecology and sustainability.

11. Like Xavier University, we want all our colleges to aim at becoming universities to be freed stifling restrictions by the government agencies.

12. We propose that we have an formal office of Jesuit Higher Education in Delhi to interface between government regulating bodies like UGC, AICTE etc and our colleges. To assist this, we should have a website or strengthen the site we have where we could pool in informations, post official documents and government orders.


Our Recommendations to the International Society

1. we recommend  that an International Secretariat for higher education is set up in Rome to coordinate activities and ventures that is connected to regional secretariat  for collective action. This secretariat should be given power to negotiate with Provincials for sharing of resources and building effective networks.

2. College and Universities of USA, Africa, Latin America, and East Asia must be invited to build networks and exchanges with colleges in South Asia.

3. The Society should set up a Virtual University to provide education to the people at the margins.

4. The initiative of Healing the Earth should be concretely realised in all our institutions.

  5. The Society should set up a Global Education Resource Centre that archives the best practices in higher education and makes them available for every other institution in the world.

6. We recommend that this international meeting is convened once in three years instead of once in five years.