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The Indian Theological Association (ITA) deeply regrets to hear the sad news of the demise of the great Jesuit and Theologian Fr.Samuel Rayan, S.J. After the blessing of a long and fruit-bearing life, God has called him to enjoy the everlasting blessing of being in the very presence of God. Fr. Samuel has been one of the prophetic architects of Asian/Indian Liberation Theology. In eighties and nineties his active, insightful and inspiring participation and contribution in the Annual Conferences of ITA have highly enriched, challenged and guided the theological deliberations and have left a stamp of Asian and Indian liberation theology. His theologizing sprouting and blossoming from the side of the poor and marginalized, critical consciousness, radical humanism and ongoing interventions of God in today's history has broken a new ground for theologizing in India. He has shown us the way to theologize in today's context for the promotion of the Reign of God. May the liberative and humanistic spirit of Fr.Samuel Rayan continue to inspire and challenge us all.

Raj Irudaya, S.J.


Indian Theological Association